Embracing the Digital Age in your Business


Digitalisation is everywhere around us – it is drastically transforming our lives and our businesses. We can’t ignore its influence, but can we embrace it and enjoy the benefits it offers by letting software do the hard work for us.

Truth be told, we have already embraced many digital changes so far, but there is still more to come. In 2017, phones are not single-purpose devices any more, they help us move around, order pizza and even work remotely. What would we think of such devices if we had seen them in the 80s?! The list of things we will be operating from our smart phones is only going to increase, but we all know that by the turn of the decade there will be new high-tech gadgets that we wouldn’t have expected to start using so soon.

Revolutionary changes go beyond device usage though. A closer look at the business world shows signs of fundamental changes in many areas. Traditional businesses used to have huge storage rooms to keep all their documents. Paper is not out of use completely, however, many businesses can fit all of their files on a hard drive. It is not only cost-effective, it saves time, human effort and space, not to mention how much easier it is to manage digital files over paper ones.

The general trend in most innovative companies is to delegate as much manual labour as possible to software. We stopped writing letters manually and started typing them on a computer long ago, we will probably dictate them to software soon. We stopped using notebooks to keep our contacts at hand, we now have the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools do this for us. We no longer need to worry that we will run out of pages as our contact base starts to grow, we don't need to think about the alphabetical order when we add a new contact, we don't need to carry a heavy notebook. All we need is a piece of software installed on a smart phone and we have access to all of our contacts. So what else can we delegate to software?

The digital transformation is affecting many business areas, but it is also the reason why a lot of new businesses are emerging. Think about calling for a taxi 10 years ago. Compare it to calling for a taxi now – there are numerous apps available to download that let you get a taxi without even making a call. In addition, every taxi company has its own app that lets it communicate with its own customers in a faster and more efficient way. Uber - A whole new business model based on the benefits of the information age revolutionized the transportation industry! Uber is not the only one that completely disturbed a specific market – Airbnb, Skype, Spotify and many more transformed entire industries because they looked at the world from a different perspective and offered a software solution that saves time and money to millions of people all over the world.

A company’s product does not have to be entirely software-based in order for them to take advantage of the benefits of the information age. The business owners do not even need to be programmers to implement a software solution that can help them turn into market leaders. All they need to do is be ready to embrace the digital revolution. We have seen an increasing trend in businesses ready to embrace this change but lacking the in-house expertise to achieve this. This is where we help our clients by providing them a bespoke software solution tailored to their needs and requirements so that they correctly utilise the technology available to them and keep them ahead of the curve.

Unfortunately, there are too many examples of companies out there that were not successful in foreseeing the changes that would affect their future. To mention just one example – does everyone still remember Nokia? They used to be market leaders in mobile communications, but were unsuccessful in foreseeing how the smart phones would affect their market shares.  

We are witnessing important changes. The velocity of changes will keep on accelerating to the future. Companies that embrace the information age with all of its implications will stay competitive and will keep their market shares. Companies that master these changes will flourish and gain even bigger market shares.

Is there any segment of your business that you can digitalise in order to grow your company?

Dan BrennanDecode Studios